Chapter 2 – Through the door

“So you have found my book of Secrets, you are interested in it?” Questioned Mr. Silver the owner of the emporium. ” I SWEAR I’M INNOCENT-a-a-and I am a little bit interested into the book of Secrets you are talking about..” Quietly said Poppy in a shy way. ” Make yourself comfy have a look around my shop you can touch a lot of stuff that I have created a few years ago in the early 19’s. Poppy goes to have a look around the place amazingly she found some cool stuff like a really big puppet that is six foot as tall as an average human being can grow up to. A shark that is no normal shark, it is a shark that has volcanic sun beaming eyes that cultivate into your microscopic soul. A monkey that can jump as high as the tallest tree on the planet. And a different type of shark that is called a Megalodon that swallows through its miniscule preys. And there are many more than just those.







Then in a flash Mr. Silver was away and never to be seen. Poppy was really confused of where Mr. Silver went so she decided to look around for him until she saw a curtain, She decided to open the curtain up and what she found confused her. She saw hundreds of different types of doors in different amounts of places. Loads on the ceiling, loads on the left wall, loads on the right wall and loads on the floor. And Poppy saw Mr. Silver. Just standing there, not moving a single finger. Then a minute passed, he moved his body and spoke.” What are you doing here Poppy?” He said wondering why she would be spying on him. ” Uhr umm I- I- was just confused of what you were doing there in the room of doors- yeah!” Poppy answered trying to think of a way to make him think that.”


“Well, If you are interested in my work of doors. Come inside and have a look around and maybe you can step inside one of my doors. If you are lucky enough.” Said Mr. Silver with a distance smile. Poppy took a deep and long breath to cool of her nerves. She was really nervous but with a brave face she decided to step in (Inside, however, Poppy felt like the whole world was crashing down on her because of how nervous she was to go inside the room of doors.) But she went inside anyways with a big brave smile on her faceBut then Mr. Silver told Poppy to stop. “Do not come in here especially don’t go inside any of the doors!” Mr. Silver yelled at Poppy giving her a warning. Poppy felt a shock coming through her spine. She was terrified. She was feeling like she had to escape the shop without looking back. Poppy couldn’t speak. He explained why she couldn’t go into any of the doors. “The reason why you are not allowed to go into any of these doors is because if you do  you’ll get into massive trouble that you don’t even want to imagine.” Mr. Silver said in a spooky voice. Poppy didn’t even want to answer back to Mr. Silver. All she did was stand with a horrified face. After that Mr. Silver was out of the room like a flash..


Poppy was really confused of where he keeps going out to. Then an idea that briskly went into her mind. The idea was to go inside one of the doors and discover something she had never saw in her life. She remembered of what Mr. Silver told her. To never go into any of the doors. Poppy was super afraid of what would happened to her if she went into the doors. Poppy had to know what would happen to her if she went in. Poppy  had to know so she decided to go inside the door. What she saw amazed her so much that her jaw fell to the ground. She saw the crystal – clear ocean and the beautiful fishes jumping out of the sea giving a wink at Poppy, the sun at the high sky flashing its lights on the sea making a nice color, and the birds flying in many groups making a formation. And last but not least the shimmering sand gripping onto your feet as you play and run around the beach. Mr. Silver noticed something was wrong. Poppy was not there. Mr. Silver was suspicious about where she went off. Then Mr. Silver realized she went inside the door. He was furious as that she didn’t listen to his warning and the punishment she would get. He quickly went into every single door and at last he found her. Playing in the sand including the sea enjoying her lovely time at the beach. Mr. Silver wasn’t angry anymore but just a little angry since she didn’t obey him. But he was happy he finally got a customer into his shop for a long, long time.

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