Capter two- The other world



After several hours Henry had awoken. He was afraid to leave just in case the ink demon was scratching the door just waiting for Henry to open the door so it could feast on Henry’s flesh so He went the way that wasn’t there before he had made it to this room. Thankfully the emporium was just here and the trophy had changed. It was now 100% pure diamond and the stand was crafted out of polished luminite. And the words were crafted from a diamond carver found only in the depths of the South American gold mines. Henry is known for curiosity so he picked up the trophy only to receive an unknown voice yell at him.

“What are you doing with that young man,” a mysterious man shouted, “put that back this instant!”

“I’m so sorry sir,” whimpered Henry while his hands were trembling, “I didn’t know that this was yours.”

“That isn’t mine of course, I just know what it can cause,” stated the shopkeeper while he walked back and forth, “Henry, I’m warning you, if you place one finger on that sacred trophy then you will be classified as a lost one, stuck in a place you never want to be in.”

“I won’t touch it then, Henry startled while slowly and carefully placing the trophy down, “but how do you know my name?”

“I know many things,” He wisely said,” now, I’ve warned you.”


Then the shopkeeper disappeared into the wall but when he did that, he made the walls turn into them inky streams, you could hear the whispers of the lost ones and the intense music once again played. The creepiest and the weirdest was that the shopkeeper turned into an inky human that said in a very quiet voice, sheep sheep sheep it’s time for sleep, rest your head, it’s time for bed and some other absolutely mental stuff. When it ended all that was left was the confusion on Henry.


Henry knew that he shouldn’t touch it but it’s Henry, known for his curiosity (it’s how he got here in the first place). So he touched it and heard some things, it was that intense music again. The walls were covered in the inky streams and the ground began to shake. He heard buildings break so he ran as fast as he could towards the exit. The pipes broke and they flooded the room with extra thick ink. The electric doors slammed shut and the lights broke. Thankfully, Henry made it out safely out of the landmark of impending doom but little did Henry know he was about to enter an entire universe of doom.

At first looks it looked like a really peaceful town with no yelling and no screaming. It seemed that Henry had entered his favourite time ever, the 1700’s. There were posters announcing live concerts to the upcoming shows called sheep songs and little devil darling. There were kids having lots of fun and the adults were laughing with their friends. It looked really calm and peaceful but there was another side which is called the Hell ride. There were people taken over by ink but they just looked so sad and lonely and depressed. There were no excited or happy voices there were only sobbing and crying voices in one of the only buildings in this Hell town had dissected wolfs and there was an un buried coffin. Again Henry is known for curiosity so he opened it and it was an ink person with ropes around his neck and a projector for a head. It was the king. For the ink tribe, you don’t get a crown, you get a projector. After examining the body to see how long he ruled or how he got so much fame, the doors turned into iron bars and they were impossible to escape then he had risen. The projectononist. Ruler of the ink.

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