Chapter 2- The disobeyment


Behind the mythical door Onyx found a statement that read as; “You may look much, but do not touch.” Onyx also noticed behind the paper it said you may not touch an ancient book, the illustration showed it had thick, black leather surrounding it. Although it showed the outside of the book, it did not show the inside. Onyx did not think much about it and carried on with her discovery. 

 As time passed by Onyx began to grow bored of where she was looking about and began to walk further. Suddenly, she found herself in an area that seemed to be abandoned, Onyx loved it. Finally, she found an entrance to the gloomy, dark building and confidently walked in. The door creaked open extremely slowly, building up suspense for Onyx and she began to regret her decisions. 

 “H-Hello, Is anybody here?” She mumbled in a shaky tone, waiting for a reply. A couple of moments later she heard footsteps and heard a voice. “Who are you?” Questioned an oddly familiar voice. Onyx was in disbelieve and stood in shock for a while, looking around the room, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from. She had thought she was the only person in the abandoned area, but she was obviously proven wrong.  

“There is no point looking for me, my voice is being simulated for you to hear. You must try escape this room before the time runs out, or the consequences will be…Well let’s just say bad. Prove yourself worthy and escape or spend the rest of your life here. Good luck.” said the voice, calmly. “B-But, why am I here? Onyx cried. Perhaps she had swam in a magical river, guarded by Greek gods, another explanation is she could have eaten forbidden food, then all the memories came flooding back. 

 She had realized what she had done. She had remembered whilst exploring she had realised what she had found. She found the only thing she was warned not to touch in this universe, and she stupidly disobeyed and was about to pay the price. Something began to tick, and she knew the time had started. She looked around and remembered she had the book in her pocket and pulled it out, from that point on she was determent to get out if this place and she began to read it, hoping for some information about what she had gotten herself into.  

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