The magic door

The Secret Emporium Prologue
There was once a tree that was different from the rest a bigger tree then you ever guessed. The tree was larger than a dragon. a lot of people have walked past it the tree was known by many people that lived in the town. Until one day a young girl named Cassy found a oor inside of the tree.
Chapter 1 – Through the Door
Cassy was a smart girl good grades, happy, nice. She was also very curious girl. One lovely day she found a cracked, old, oak door in the tree. Without thinking she slowly opens the door and walks through. She finds a playground with small girls and boys.

Chapter 2 – Disobeying
Cassy found a book when she touched it a man came behind her and said “Hello!” She jumped and said, “Who are you?” The man said, “I’m Thomas!” “Oh alright.” Cassy said. “Don’t touch the book.” Thomas said weirdly. “Ok” said Cassy confused. She went to look around and opened the book again while he wasn’t looking and the next thing, she knew she was drawing a beautiful lake with fish swimming inside of it. A kitten came over to her and hugs her and runs away. Cassy follows the small kitten and gets to a door that looks new, most of the doors had something on them, but this door was plain. She walked inside and saw a lake with fish swimming inside without thinking, she ran over to the lake and sat beside the lake, but she saw a statue. She didn’t draw that. She went over and said, “What is that thing?” A few people round the statue said, “This is the thing that makes this town what it is now!” She went behind the trees and there was a giant town, right in front of her.

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