Chapter 2 The Warning Which Is Disobeyed


When the owl was mean to me which I was frustrated Mr. Larenzo told me something about a book and he gave me like a warning and said that if I touch the book then I will be punished really badly. So I didn’t touch the book but stared at it for a whale to think if I should or not because the punishment could be really bad. I thought and thought and thought, till I thought of touching it so I went to go and look at it and I thought twice because the punishment could be me in jail with a fierce dog barking and growling.


So I opened the book that took me into a whole new world with animals and new kind of rainbow creatures. It was marvelous but the only thing was the fire Dragon which was fierce and very scary I suppose but really it was sitting on lots gold which was very precious and beautiful and I like the golden throne which the Dragon has. The dragon was snoring  as loud as my little cousin brother he snores triple the size as my dad ,who likes snoring for some reason, the place looks very nice and I saw a sweet pond filled with straw berry juice I thought off dipping myself in there after I have stolen some $money from the dragon.



I have stolen some money from the Dragon now I can go and enjoy myself dipping in the strawberry juice pond and drink some and take some to really I should have opened the book when Mr. Lorenzo left the Emporium but I can live here which will be very nice. Then at dawn, I was thinking to go home but there WAS NO WAY TO GET  BACK HOME! So I would have to live with It, I  wish I could go home and go to the beach and play stuck in the sand which I have made up and hopefully it does happen.




Whilst living in the unknown place I was bored because it wasn’t like the real world so I got kind of bored and unhappy I was hungry so I ate some sweet plants because it’s like a world that’s just an hungry place so you can really eat anything.


I love this place but I want my mom and dad to be here I miss them I want to go out at the beach when we sunbathed and stayed at the hotel, which is a 5 star hotel, and it was amazing I want the past again I should’ve listened to that man but it’s still kind of fun out here. I went to a nearby tree and rested for a bit then I saw a man? I think I’m sure it’s a man so I walked towards him or her and when I walked to the man or women and it was the man who told me not to open the book and when I looked at his face it was burning red and was like he wanted to fight me. So I put my fists up and said what do you want and he asked me that why did I open that book I told him that I was kind of curious and see what’s it  about and then he was mad because it would take me into an unknown world and I should have listened but now that I’m in there’s no other way so I told him how can I get out then and he was worried and forgot that he couldn’t get out..


Sprinting over the water and animals we tried finding a way so that we can get out of this place and guest what we didn’t find a way which was surprising. Desperately we tried finding a way and whilst we were trying to find a way I asked the man what his name but he didn’t answer so I thought his mood was of so later I tried to asked him again what’s his name no answer and it was like he acted like I wasn’t there so then I asked why aren’t you answering me then he answered that because he was a burglar and I thought about the book then I thought to myself about him and that’s what I worked out that he told me not to touch the book because he stole it and I think he steeled it from someone who is magical. Across the healthy field I asked him that if you were the burglar then that’s why you told me not to touch the book or else this will happen but really I think he didn’t even know that this book was magical so then I told him that if he knew if this book was magical and would take me to another planet and he said that he knew everything about this book when he really didn’t and lied. At 11:00pm I asked a tricky question which he wouldn’t’ know how to answer so then I asked him then why don’t you know the place then he said stop asking useless questions like that in fact just don’t ask any questions he said scowling at my face whilst running.

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