The mysterious Emporium.

“Before I go this is my shop do you like it” before she could think out of the blue she said “no! “

“Excuse me!” exclaimed Luciano

“What did you just say ma’am?

 “I said yes sir!” she said as she went pale 

“Ok good.” as she turned back she let a sigh of relief 

“Ahh okay just don’t let it slip out your mouth Poppy!” she said to  herself  just as she went to touch something that didn’t say sale on it someone said…


“You can explore my emporium but don’t touch the book I‘m warning you if you do touch the book something  bad is going to happen!” He in a deep cold voice.


You could hear his footsteps clapping against the cold floor fading away “Few that was close.” she mumbled.” he then looked around but the book caught her eye again why can’t I touch it she thought. Well he wouldn’t  mind if I just saw a page would he? She through and through she just had to so she opened the book and nothing was there and she tapped the page and lots of writing appeared  and  when she got to the last page there was big handwriting saying you should close the book before he se- a hand slammed the book shut.



I told  you not to go through the book now get out of my shop!” He said shouting  she scurred  off and was 


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