The wonder full emporium

Chapter one

There was one place that was a secreted from the wonder full emporium . Even though spring, the glowing from the dark windows flash across the room. And the door closing and opening the flash was full of magic through the window. Hear the birds singing around the window flaying . The flash  of the window flaying across the room thar was a  strange looking thing that looked very like a treasure chest under the old table . And it was very dark and creped  . No one knew anything about the wonder full Emporium.


Chapter tow

Inside the emporium there was a shop that was looking strange and a everyone was staring at me. I look around and there was a shop keeper ask me what is you name I did not know how was he so I step to wads the book of  the emporium . Before I go it started to glow to wads  me.


A moment later his name was Mr.  Luciano he  started to say that the gold has disappeared in to the wanders I stop and I look  and I opened that the book it was all blank .  Behind the curtain imagined   that the  book was gone in the emporium I could not  see anything .


T  uning back, I open again and  the book was full of words and it said all  about and we can see the villiges and the  beautiful sky ,world and the sun shing across the room. Small houses were full of cuolours. I coude see the ocen ships and the montins .


The next thing that I knew was that there was now  kechens  and on the tebule there was a pen and  it was a magical pen if you write or draw it comes true. She drawed a beach with palm trees that had coconuts and sand, ocean.


This way said the rabbit. Poppy closed the book and followed the rabbit. The rabbit sat down near a room. Poppy  went in the room however it was not a room it was a BEACH!


She steped in the room and saw palm trees with coconuts and oceans and birds flying she saw a tiny cottage and went in.

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