Leo Matthew – news correspondent for mythical creatures Archie Davis- dragonlogist

An amazing discovery has happened in Bolton. Late last night around twilight a dragon was spotted in the back garden of Mia king and her husband’s Arnell kings home. Their son Liam spotted this dragon in their back garden, the dragon panicked and ran away. Early this morning a scale was found from the dragon along with wreckage and giant footprints !

I've found out that the footprints left lead to a forest. The dragon is still alive and it is a popular rumor that it lives in the giant forest. I've also found the first eye witness of the amazing dragon this is what the eye witness has to say’’I couldn't believe it, a green scaly dragon next to my window ‘’ said Liam 11, who saw this amazing creature first the parents of Liam hs father Arnell King and mother Mia King. There was also a scale of the beautiful dragon left. It's now being tested in a lab and scientists are now trying to bring dragons back from the piece of evidence they now have to prove dragons are real. Which also means other mythical creatures could have roamed the earth.

Local dragonologist Archie Davis says ‘’ i couldn't believe it’’. The local council has advised people not to go searching for the dragon but to report sightings of the dragon to them. It's also been advised to stay still whilst in contact with the dragon and to stay safe and don't try attacking the dragon its passive before provoked. Stay safe!

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