Exclusive report written by Sadie Smith, Deadly Creature Correspondent, The Deadly Daily.

Early this morning, Jassy Jones, a local doctor, saw a single Devil Unicorn wandering around a nearby church.

Jassy, who was strolling down the road with her shopping at the time, witnessed a venomous creature wandering amongst the gravestones. She told the Deadly Daily that this species looked harmless until a deadly snake appeared from it’s horn. Jassy also told us, “This animal was chewing on the remains of angel wings.

Yorkshire police have made locals aware that this marvellous animal is on the run. Be careful when visiting the church. Jim Brown, the unicornologist, told us that he may have seen a family of Devil Unicorns in the deep dark woods. Jim believes that the poisonous green trolls are hunting this rare animal which is why there have been so many sightings well the Devil Unicorn is trying to escape the trolls.

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