mysterious crown

Chapter two-The mysterious crown


John could not stop looking at all the amazing things inside. He found a very amazing mysterious looking crown. The jems on it look very weird they looked like they’re made out of bones. Inside the crown is a very creepy devil that can ruin your life.

Suddenly John runs into  the shop keeper. At first the shop keeper didn’t know that John had the mysterious crown. But then the shop keeper notices that John is hiding something behind his back. Then John slowly brings it from behind his back and when the shop keeper saw it the shop keeper shouted at him and said “put that crown back down it is very dangerous and if you put it on it will end your life”

Soon after the shop keeper found out that someone has the mysterious crown he heard a weird noise. So he went to go and find out what it was and as soon as he left the room John knew that it is his only chance to find out what is inside the crown.

Then John checked that everyone was  gone out of the room and out of the shop. A few minutes later John went back to the secret room and was slowly putting the crown on his head. After it had been on for a minute John started to hear lots of people screaming and crying.

This is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to him because the jems that are on the crown are on the grass and they are the same because they are made out of bones.

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