the doll chapter two


Chapter 2 The doll

Bill gazed at the creepy doll which had blood pouring from it`s head behind the see through glass.


“you might want to put that away a lot of people have died in a room with that doll and never seen ever again. An old shop keeper found a kid who had played with that doll and got found on fire.”

The shop keeper heard a bunch of large cages fall. He went to pick them up. Bill saw the creepy, demonic doll again. He picked it up. The creepy doll opened its eyes. Bill began to worry.

Bill went to run to the shopkeeper. The doll clicked his fingers. BANG! Bill was gone he was in a haunted mansion full of dolls.

Bill got transported to a house with a doll in and a warrior. When I looked the warrior was getting burned by the doll and the doll caught me looking at him burning the warrior. Bill became his worst night mare

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