Emporium story Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

The Secret Emporium Prologue

“Children gone missing every day”, “Reports of giant portals leading them inside” ….
“Hello everyone, this Samuel reporting your news today, once again there has been the 59th Child gone missing in the year of 1968. Parents have been left terrified after some children mysteriously appearing in their beds after disappearing for around about a month and, in a chant, they continuously say, “Portal bring me back”. This has confused many and scientist have been taking tests on these children and the theory is that huge portals, bigger than skyscrapers form before their eyes and words get whispers into their ear begging them to walk inside, that’s what they have got so far. Everyone is left terrified. Most parents prefer their children to stay indoors and only go out once a day in their garden.

Chapter 1 – Through the door.

Phill was a young girl who was extremely kind and smart. Many girls from her school were jealous on how smart and pretty she was. Every day Phill would walk to school with other girls trailing behind her watching her bright blonde hair glisten no matter what the weather was, in fact they were more jealous of her unique bright emerald green eyes that show a smile when you looked at them. Phill was walking to school on a rainy day, as usual girls were trailing behind her watching her hair swish from side to side. Phill was never curious, but something bright caught her eye as she was crossing the very large busy road her eyes seemed to lose its glow and when Phill dropped her umbrella her hair became all dark. Phill stayed still, her heart thumping the tarmac, everything was shaking, huge chunks of the shiny tarmac road got lifted to the sky, the bright floating dot expanded as the chunks of tarmac formed into a circle. Ghosts flew out of the portal and whispered into Phill’s ear, “In, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in.” It soon became too much, Phill wanted to give in, but she fought back and started to run, the portal followed, she looked around, everyone was gone the sky was dull, she started to cry, the portal stopped following her and Phill lay surrounded in her own tears. “This has not happened since 1980 but its 2021 now!!!!!!”, Thought Phill. It’s like the world was glitching, though her eyes were open there was flashes of sun and flashes of people surrounding her, questioning if she was alright but Phill stayed where she was and didn’t move, Phill continued crying suddenly she gave out a huge shriek and ran into the portal as the voices wouldn’t stop, it’s almost like she went mad……………………..
Phill opened her eyes to see an extremely colourful room filled with paintings and antique vases that were on top of dark oak wood shelves and drawers. Phill got up and proceeded to touch a vase, a thin pale hand appeared in front of hers to stop her, Phill stopped and looked at the hand, then the arm, then the shoulder and finally the face. It was a girl, she had pale make-up on and red rose lipstick along with coal black eyes, almost hypnotising Phill. “Don’t touch that, it’s from Paris, very delicate”, Phill stood surprised. “Oh, how rude of me”, explained the girl, “My name is Chilanica”, she said with a smile. Phill smiled back, “My name is Phill”,” I don’t mean to be rude but isn’t Phill a boy’s name?” Chilanica asked, Phill didn’t answer. “Sorry, I will get us some ice cream and we can get to know each other”. Chilanica left the room and Phill started to look around searching for something interesting.
“Ah Chilanica you finally found a friend” came an interesting voice from behind Phill, Phill quickly turned around and witnessed an older version of Chilanica holding a particularly beautiful book that glowed with gold, Phill was recognised the book like she had seen it every day but had no memory of where she must have saw it, her mind was blank and started to walk up to the book, “The book of wonders”, it Seemed to say but Phill couldn’t make it out, without thinking Phill started to attempt to grab the book. “WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU TRING TO DO”, shouted the lady with extreme anger. Phill was terrified but for some reason still wanted to be in reach of the book of wonders, the lady continued to shout and even started to scream, it became like a game of tug of war, Chilanica came running in as soon as the shouting started and tried her best to stop the fight, it didn’t work. Eventually Chilanica shouted, “PHILL STOP ATTAKING MY MOTHER”, Phill stopped and apologised, “I don’t what come over me…”, Chilanicas mother stood and stared at Phill like she was trying to kill her. Just then Phill realised a particularly blue platypus perching on Chilanicas mother’s shoulder, it seemed to smile as it looked around curiously.

Chapter 2 – A Warning disobeyed

Out from behind a blood red curtain came the Platypus that perched on Chilanicas mother’s shoulder during the fight. “My name is Errata, owner of this wonderful emporium, and my daughter Chilanica and my partner in work, Perry the Platypus. One last thing, you can explore the emporium, you can go were ever you want but I warn you, DO NOT touch the book, there are consequences, come on Perry lets go, Chilanica, would you care to get me some rubber coffee, thank you.” Phill stood in shock as she thought how kind she was even though we got into a fight….
Phill went wondering through rooms within rooms and corridors within corridors until they came to an end (Which seemed to never happen). One large room in particular had a stranger feeling than the others, it smelt of burning rubber mixed with coffee and Phill did not seem to remember when Errata asked for something named rubber coffee. Out from underneath a polished birch desk came Perry the Platypus, he seemed to waddle towards her wearing an explorer hat, suddenly Perry speeded up, jumped up to Phill with the shiny book of wonders on its back it was like Perry wanted Phill to disobey Errata’s orders……
Phill took another glimpse of the book and immediately started flipping through the pages to find wonders within wonders, dreams within dreams, one drawing looked so very similar to the room she was in with its grand grey carpets and its shimmering red walls filled with detailed patterns. A black ink pen fell from a thick cushioned chair onto the floor with a large thump, Phill picked it up, sat on the fluffy grey carpet with Perry on her lap and started to draw a dungeon with evil dwarfs, goblins and more, the skies were pitch black and the dungeon was surrounded with burnt trees, Phill basically drew her worst nightmare without thinking of the magic in the emporium.
When Phill had finished she stood up, closed the book and began to feel regret but still she felt Phill wanted to draw more, before she could Perry started to waddle out of the room, in a way that Phill felt she was meant to follow. Perry led Phill through many corridors, many rooms and also a few strange sunny places. After a while Perry stopped Infront of a door, he continually swapped looking at Phill and the strange black painted knocker. Phill new what to do. She used all her strength to lift the circle and to bang it against the glimmering door; its heavy body lifted, turning into nothing it seemed.
The first thing that caught her eye was a huge dark structure, the outline was of like a castle, but a tad evil. Smoke, bats and birds like plague doctors flew from large metal tubes that twisted and turned inside the castle, Goblins, Elves with red eyes surrounded the castle, a wide pathway full of stones let up to the entrance of that spooky house and lava oozed at the bottom of the tall hill that which the castle stood on. An unstable, broken bridge unsteadily wobbled from side to side with a goblin barely holding on. A small patch of grass sat next the castle with gnomes staring at any alive thing within a mile of them. Phill immediately got the thought of what she drew in in the grand room the liked to call it, with the book. Without a thought Phill took a large step into the room. The dark sky beamed upon her, her mind filled with thoughts, it was like it was going to explode.

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