Furry Creatures Cause Garden Chaos

By Negomi Thomas, Unusual Species correspondent..

Last night was the second night running that there have been several reports of small, furry creatures causing chaos in the gardens of urban homes.

Residents have reported sightings of small, furry creatures- with short legs and pointed ears -which have been rummaging through dustbins and turning gardens upside down, in what seems to be the search for food.
One witness said, ‘We were frightened at first, as there were several of the creatures, but when we saw their faces in the garden light they appeared to be quite cute!’
Another said,’ We are not happy about the state of our dustbins and gardens-something must be done.’

The police have asked all residents to remain vigilant. Please do not approach the creatures or take them into your home-however cute they may seem.
Professor of Rare Species from Oxford University,, Arthur Williams, has advised, ‘From what we know so far, these creatures appear to be ‘Gremilinia Furricociuos’ or ‘Gremlins’. It is very important that these creatures do not get wet, eat after midnight or be exposed to sunlight- otherwise they may mutate’
More updates to follow.

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