A creature by the name of the three headed wolf is making its way around wolverley sebright primary school!

The three headed wolf was last seen eating an innocent teacher .Name :unknown. They were sighted doing this in the school’s field as trails of blood led down the stairs and through the playground down to the field where the corpse was dragged into their forest school. This happened on 06.06.2021 at 9:42.

Journalists found out that this creature had made home in the tunnel down in forest school as bones and fur had been scattered in that particular area. More researches are being held in place where the wolf has escaped to the bushes of nearby houses to seek shelter.

Journalists would like to comment, “this eventful time makes us wonder how and when was this creature made,research facility are hundreds of miles away so if it was made there how did it travel so far.” another commented “if we don't hunt down this animal and re inhabitate it in a research facility, more and more lives will be lost at an uncontrollable rate. Plus, if there is more out there, they will repopulate and more and more deaths will occur.

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