Mthical Melody

Chapter 2 Going though 

The next day I saw it aging I tried to show people in my class they said there is nothing there but it is like it wont’s me to go inside it but I tried to ignore it but I just can’t I keep thinking of it. At last, I forgot about it because I was doing my 2 favourite things in the world doodling and trying to make a kid’s book but then we had to stop because it was home time .i told my mum about it she said it’s just you mind playing tricks on you. But I did not believe my mum. It was the next day I sat next Jacob we were doing art we had to work with are learning partner I was so happy we draw a sunflower with us in the background we got top marks in are art I got a top A+ that took my mind of the hatch I was walking back to class from the toilet I saw it aging so I said to myself I will go throw the hatch tomorrow. it was the next day I waited and waited intel lunch time ok I said I needed the toilet  I saw the hatch so crawled in all I could see is darkness I was shaken and shaken I screamed no could her me  I need help I dint no what to do  then I peered it looks like some kind of mythical food place I saw I big castle from the dissidence so I walked to it then I saw taken chicken nuggets I think that is the grads they welcomed me into the castle the castle was made of rainbow jelly it was amazing they showed me tour of the castle it was so big it was like I was seeing the houll earth in one little castle  but then he said are you ready to see the queen I said of course I was waken down the Corrado’ll then the doors were opened the queen was buteyfull I just couldn’t describe how wonder full she is just so pretty she had a long wite summer dress long shimmery blond hear with a pretty  yellow headband she said I could give you some of my dresses and my headbands I said thank you so much I went to the changing room  I walked out of the changing room the queen said I look amazing she did my hear Curley and she took a picture of us and she said I will be a minute she gave me a locket of us to so that’s Wy  she took a picture . She said so you can remember this time  it was dinner time from them so I had my lunch with then we had  lam I said I was a vegetating they said oh sorry i said its fine I am not hungry hent ways its okay I asked the queen if I can go for a little sleep she said ok that is fine. 




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