The Portal In The Closet

Chapter 2: The Adventure Of The New World

Allison woke up with many nurses’ heads hovering over her “W-where am I? Stammered Allison, looking confused and waiting for an answer. “What do you mean?” asked one of the nurses, but just before Allison could say a word all the nurses gasped and ran away. Allison heard footsteps approaching her on her bed, she turned her head and saw a man wearing a red velvet cloak, a big shiny crown on his head and he was also wearing an outfit that seemed like a king’s one. He walked up to the bed and looked at her. “Welcome home, Princess” said the man “Princess”? Allison thought to herself. The king put out his hand to help Allison out of her bed, she held his hand, got up and walked out of the room with the king.
He took her down the long, swirly stairs down to the dining room and pointed to her seat. Allison sat down, awkwardly. It was just her and the king at the table, no one else. Finally, the servers walked through with the delicious smelling meals, all Allison could think about was what was she doing in this world. After the dinner the king took Allison outside into the yard it was as big as a stadium! Allison was shocked she had never seen a yard so big, the king took Allison for a walk around then he warned her about something. “Promise me to never ever go into the tallest room of the tallest tower. There is something precious up there, do you understand?” asked the king. Allison said nothing she only nodded.

It was the end of the day, Allison got changed and went to bed but still wondered what was up there, and eventually fell asleep. The next day Allison rushed everything. She got dressed ate breakfast and after breakfast she knew what she had to do. She spent ages trying to find the stairs to the tower. She thought that since she was a teenager in this world, she would be smarter, but nothing changed. She finally found the stairs and walked up. Allison peeked from the gap of the door and did not see anything. Then she decided to go through, the door creaked open. She saw the precious thing, it was a shiny, gorgeous crown. She picked it up and took it back downstairs to her room and well let’s just say her plan didn’t work out as she wanted it to work out.

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