Chapter 2

Chapter 2 

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that wasn’t supposed to be touched!” murmured lucy. The young women didn’t look happy, but she said, “don’t be scared follow me”. Lucy wondered where she was going, or it was going to be a trap! She was leading her to another door. “Is this the way back?” said Lucy, while hoping it was the way back home because she had no clue how to get back. The young women opened the door, “welcome to the tropical beach!”. Lucy walks through the door and realises it was a tropical beach that it abandoned because the shed was almost gone, there was weeds around the shed that is technically gone. 

Dolphins leaped out of the water, surrounding an island nearby. She was watching the tide come in closer and closer. Lucy cheered happily, she jumped in the water and swam with the dolphins and became a mermaid because the water was magical, but Lucy had no idea she wanted to stay forever although she missed her family. Lucy got called in from the young women, so she tried to come out and turned human again Lucy realises before her eyes that the water was magical! She rushed to the young women and Lucy said “yes” in question “goodbye Lucy, enjoy!” before the young women slammed the door shut. “NO!” shouted lucy. 

Lucy knew it was a trap! She wondered for a moment while tapping her hand on her lap repeatedly. Lucy walked to the dolphins again and asked the dolphins questions, to see if they understand me of sending me sign to do or how to escape. The dolphins kept on surrounding Lucy like they’re telling her to do something. She stood up then the dolphins told her to get on one of them. Lucy picked the dolphin to ride to somewhere, “where are we going?” wondered Lucy while looking around. 

The dolphins kept on squawking to each other like a plan on how to get there or another plan to get herself trapped but Lucy just went along with them. Lucy had arrived but it turned out to be the island in the distance that you can see from the land. “It’s way more beautiful than I could ever imagine!” exclaimed Lucy. She went on the island and saw other people here to that have been stuck but they’re in cages lucy thought this was a palace of the owner of this world. It turned out to be jail and that moment later Lucy was trapped in a cage with a male.                    

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