The Book of wonders


Chapter 2- The Deadly path 

Ooff Whispered Tim Rummaging through a pile of leaves. Then a walking tree came up to him and said “Oi GET away from that Book “shouted an old tree Tim got a fright he was worried he did not know what to do should he stay and see what the tree has to say, or should he Make a run for it and try stay as far away from him as he can.  

All these thoughts were going through his head and at the end he stayed to see what the tree was telling him, so Tim said, “Who are you?!”and the reply was Stay away “away from what “called out Tim. That book! I am the owner and if I were you, I would not touch it if you did this whole world will turn on you Tim then got shivers down his spine. Tim then sees that everything was looking at him So then Tim made a run for it He ran across a long flowery terrain when he looked back, he saw the tree looking back at him shaking his head back and forth. Tim was not pleased with what he had done He ran straight into a tree that was as big as mount Everest’s. 

Tim was now getting scared, and he did not know which way he ran from so now he started to walk in different directions then luckily, he found the old brown leather book but he had forgotten what the old hag had said so Tim touched the old book and nothing happened so Tim thought the Tree was joking so Tim started drawing in the book and again nothing happened but the minute Tim closed the book all the drawings came to life there were flying bats, souring out of the book and started to attack Tim furthermore all that Tim could do was run and try to find a spot to hide but then he saw a huge tower nowhere Nere the high on the Mountain but it had a roof so he jamp into a small cravas in the wall and hoped that the bats could not fit in but unluckily they did but Tim Found a door on opened and closed it behind him but he had left the book behind the door and more and more bats were coming to life and he thought this might be the end of his life and he started to apologues for everything bad that he and done and he started to pray, Then at no thought he ran at the door and knocked himself outHours upon hours later he woke up and saw that the door was open and the bats were gone then he noticed that he was being pulled through the door by a rope tied round his legs and it was the old tree looking very mad at him Tim was very happy that he was alive though the tree thought differ after the tree stopped, he stared at the boy and was very disappointed in him although before Tim was untangled by the tree Tim saw that the tree picked up the book and hid it so the boy would not find it ever again but the boy did end up seeing where the old tree hid it... 

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