Spades shop of wonders Chapter 2

Chapter 2 

“Hello” said Hart as the man’s kitsune walked up to him. It had a pair of shiny Atlantic eyes and six beautiful cyan tails. Hart had never seen anything like it before he had only heard stories of the kitsunes. “Welcome to spades shop of wonders” said the man “I’m spade and you may feel free to poke around but don’t touch the book.” 

Hart walked over to a glass cupboard he tapped on it and in a couple, seconds over ran the kitsune. Hart watched as the kitsune jumped up and opened the cupboard. Hart tapped on its again and the kitsune dropped the book inside. 

Hart couldn’t stop thinking about the warning don’t touch the book, but he spun round and grabbed the book. He looked at his hand and saw a pen he opened the book and in it was written. “The wonder book draw or write whatever you desire but be warned with great power comes great responsibility”. 

Hart thought about what he wanted the most then it hit him.  Hart wrote as fast as he could to make sure he wasn’t caught. He ended his paragraph and a door at the end of the hallway swung open. Hart dashed over to the door and hopped through it. 

He was thrown through the door and was standing in front of a gate on it was written London’s home for orphans. Hart had written about wanting to finally get adopted he swung open the gate of the orphanage and took a deep breath. 

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