The emporium chapter 2

Chapter 2 


“Welcome to my emporium, my name is John Will how can I help you.” Said John smiling. He went and put the big old book on a table. On the front it said, ‘The Book of Wonders’ “You can look around my shop if you like and buy anything you see but do not touch this book, it’s the one thing you can’t touch or buy. I’ll be back I need to go grab something from the back”. As soon as he finished his sentence he turned around and went back through the black curtains behind the till. Gracie was very confused, so she decided to just look around. Before he had come, she already had looked around, but it looked like more stuff had randomly appeared from nowhere. 

When she got bored of looking around, she decided to peek behind the giant curtains was about a hundred halls that looked like they went on forever. And in every hall, there was millions of doors and staircases which must of lead to other halls more rooms. But one thing they was different about every door was that they had a different design there wasn’t a single one that looked the same. It started to get cold, so she went back in the shop. On a table in the middle of the room was the book. She got to curios and decided to open the book. 

Inside the book there was about half a page of writing and on the other half of the page was a drawing. As she read the book and looked at the drawings, she realised they were the same drawing on the doors in the back. Gracie flicked through the book not reading anything but just looking at the drawings, there was humongous flowing rivers that looked like they went on for miles, there was pictures of delicious plates of food, big deserts full of camels and Jaint pyramids, there was a drawing of a crystal clear ocean with beautiful, coloured coral in all shapes and sizes and sharks that looked like they could eat you in one bite. She could go on and on about the drawings but there was to many. It seemed like the book was endless. 

She saw a tub full of pens and pencils and a feather pen and some ink and decided to draw a picture of a tall grassy cliff on the edge of the sea as foam from the water splashed up. She didn’t realise what she had done until she had finished it. Gracie had a thought about John telling her not to touch the book. But she pushed it aside. A few minutes later she felt something cold slither up her back. It was John’s snake. She thought she had gone crazy when the snake jumped on the ground and hist “follow me please”. Then the snake started to slither behind the curtains. When it was halfway through the curtains she ran after it. 

When she got to see fully behind the curtains, she was amazed. Behind the curtains was a whole new place. It looked big, and it was full of rooms with big pictures filling the whole door. The drawings on the door were nearly the same as the ones in the book. The snaked slithered to a long hallway filled with different shaped doors. At the very end of the hallway facing her and the snake was a door that looked like it had just been drawn on. The snaked hist at her “follow me”. So, she did. 

When she got to the door she stopped and stared at it for a bit. On the door carved out and painted on it was a messy picture of a cliff over some water. After a few minutes of the snake and her staring at the door she put her hand on the smooth golden handle and twisted it. As soon as she opened a cool breeze swirled out the door. Inside was what she had just drawn. There were seagulls flying above as the ocean roared up the cliff and the long grass danced about with the ocean breeze. She stepped into the room and walked to the edge of the cliff. 


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