The Life Of Stunny Road

Chapter 2:The Book Of Answers


“I’m Mrs Peacock,what are you doing here? No one comes here, but if you’d like to look around the shop you’ll be free to. Just don’t touch the Book of Answers!”

Mrs Peacock turned and sauntered of through the door. Olivia turned back around, facing the book she just couldn’t resist having a look. She turned the pages and came across an empty page with a pen next to it.

“Couldn’t hurt to draw something.” She whispered.She picked up the black pen and dipped it into the ink, she started off by drawing a golden castle , trees and nature (which was jerked around it). Suddenly the golden parrot swooped in and it looked as if it wanted Olivia to follow her and it’s exactly what she did.The parrot led her past the chocolates and dolls to a room full of doors, but it didn’t stop there the parrot went even faster down the hall of doors. When they reached the final door Olivia was tired out of her mind. She turned the jagged door knob and stepped inside. Inside to Olivia’s surprise stood exactly what she had drawn. The birds were chirping wildly. Olivia walked around the tree’s and towards the door of the golden, shiny castle. Struggling she pushed with all her force to open the front door of the castle. She stepped inside.


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