The Nowhere Emporium

The Secret Emporium Prologue


There are some places where no one ever goes. The Secret Emporium is just like that .Even though  people never dare to go inside or look at it its always there and it will always stay there. Even if you hear a baby crying and his Mother singing a lullaby to him no one is in there its enchanted.


Chapter 1- Through the door

Hermione is a girl about to be 15 but before her birthday she did something unbelievable. And you guessed it she went into the Emporium when she went in she started looking around and touching thing first she touched a piece off unicorns hair then curious girl touched a dragons eye when she touched it was very slimy and it had scales all over it .Next she went to ta scarlet door which was covered in rose petals she opened it and inside she saw….


Chapter 2~ A Warning Disobeyed

Hermione went up a stair case and saw a peculiar figure levitating in the air whilst she was staring at this a voice came from in front of her and said “ah you must be Miss Hermione I wasn’t expecting for you to come this early I thought you were going to come at midnight” Hermione spoke and said “yes but how do you now my name I never told you and you’re correct I was going to come at midnight but I changed my plans anyway how do you know that” the peculiar figure exclaimed that he can mind read and levitate and lots more but he cant show me all off his outstanding tricks that’s how he knew it turns out he knows my age to he started speaking again and said “my name is Mr. Harrison but you can call me Harry I prefer that more I know I look kind but if you mess with my book I will get furious  so please don’t do that I’ve  trusted many traitors and I hope your not one off them”.



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