The place of weirdness.

The boy had everything he needed: water, friends, pillows, food and help…

Sam had 3 doors to go in: the room of snakes, the room of light and the room of nightmares. She chose nightmares…

She had everything she needed: a bag of food, a handful of magic and an adventure book.

He has 2 options and one was correct:try to survive in a 100 degrees room for 5 minutes or try to beat 5 hungry bears.

Then Primrose heard it: a hiss high above, coming closer until she noticed it was a snake, a cobra in fact.

Maya knew it: a cold slimy creature ran up her back. A big slimy slug!

Eva saw it: one of the 7 sins Glutney, waiting for food to show the other sins it was full of greed,

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