The Secret Emporium

The Secret Emporium Prologue

Have you ever heard of a story where there is a door and you are not supposed to go in it and then someone goes in the room and then something bad or good happens, Well If you did the Secret Emporium was a bit like that but a bit more interesting you will never know what will happen to the little girl who went through The Emporium…


The Emporium was never very color full, well not if its Christmas! On December the 1st, An old man will secretly but on the lights in the window which looked new but never was, the lights was used over and over again, that kept happening for 8 years and still is. The old man isn’t very wealthy he will re-use everything until it turns into dust, that’s why he uses the Christmas lights for almost 14 years and he will never put anything he owns outside in to the word. The place he lived in was called an Emporium, well that’s the name people of the villagers call it, nobody has never stepped a foot in the Emporium, until a girl called Lizzy Chamber did something that nobody has ever dared to do. Yes you guessed it she went in the Emporium.


Chapter 1 – Through the door

Lizzy has always wanted to do the biggest dare in the village, since she turned 14 she was old enough to go with her friend’s houses go to sleepovers so Lizzy was allowed to go anywhere by herself. That’s when she went inside the unknown house she sneaked in the house at 11am she told her mum that she Is going to a sleepover. But actually, he is going to go to the emporium, when she got the door was open for some reason. It was really weird at first but when she took the first step in the house she was shocked the Emporium was spotless! Inside the house was so interesting and old fashioned she loved everything about this cottage she wanted to touch a lot of things, but she felt bad because she broke in to someone’s house but when she found a staircase leading up to the attic. When she got up to the attic she found a book, a book that cached her eye…


The Secret Emporium CHAPTER  2

Lizzy carefully kneeled down on her knees blew all the dust of the front cover and when she was about to open the book she saw a silhouette of a man.


Chapter 2 The secret Emporium

“Oi Who are why are you here young lady?!” Shouted the man who lives here, “-I am L-Lizzy sir,” Lizzy was terrified. The old man sat down on the chair and smiled. “what made you to visit here Lizzy?” Lizzy gulped and said “ sorry sir I was wondering why no one came I was very curious so I saw your front door was wide open and decided to go I even closed the door for you” replied Lizzy with one deep breath. The old man smiled and said “ Thank you Lizzy and my name is Mr. Granger I never had visitors before!” Lizzy smiled and Asked Mr. Granger what the attic is he said that it was his old shop and he let Lizzy look around but he said loudly “WHAT EVER YOU DO NOT LOOK OR TOUCH MY BOOK” Lizzy wondered why she couldn’t look in the book what is in the book that she couldn’t see. Once Mr. Granger left the room to go back to his bakery Lizzy found a real-life owl with treats beside it she took some treats and fed it to the owl when she fed the 2nd last treat she heard Mr. Granger’s footsteps Lizzy quickly took 5 steps back and fiddled with the last treat. Mr. Granger looked at the Owl and said “ah I see you fed my owl” Lizzy nodded “thank you Lizzy I was going to tell you that I am going to the market I need you to look after the Emporium.” Lizzy nodded. When the Mr. Granger left she opened the book some Drawings she took out a pe and drew a picture when she finished she heard the owl say follow me so lizzy stood up and followed the owl when the owl stopped it looked like the owl wanted to open the door so lizzy opened the door and found her drawing inside the room

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