The fish tank

Chapter two-The fish tank

As little Ben gazed at the magical tank, his hands were shaking with excitement. He was desperate to touch it, it’s golden fish were beaming like the sun. His hands shot to grab it.

‘’Stop!’’ the shopkeeper shouted, ‘’do you know that tank is dangerous!’’. Little Ben stood with nerve and worry in his eyes. ‘’That tank belongs to the great king fish.’’ Stated the shopkeeper. Little Ben was then amazed by the information and listened on. Suddenly, a phone rang and the shopkeeper said, “just don’t touch anything,” as he walked off.

As the shopkeeper walked away, Little Benny smiled greedily. He touched the tank and then felt sick and was soaking wet. He then looked down to find water rising around. And then he looked up to find something magnificent.

When Ben saw a massive, golden castle, he instantly knew where he was. His eyes widened as he gazed around massive corals and fish serpents. Then he found a golden, shining trident in a rock. He instantly swam to it and when he grabbed on to it, he felt a huge wave of dolphins and seahorses and then a massive shark started to swim towards him. He instantly knew it was over for him…

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