The Viscous Emporium

“I think I just saw you find my book of heroes, “said the deep voice near him. Bobby was shocked, shut the book and looked up at the creator. He was an young man had eyes shaped like a diamond and had a shiny head. On his shoulder perched a small owl. It jumped , weirdly. 
Chapter 2 – A warning 
” If you don’t know my name is Michael Gold, “he said, looking at Bobby weirdly until she went from one step to another step, oddly. “This my area of selling. Do you like it or not?  
“Bobby just was silent full of silence  and said yes. “Here is my book of Heroes. You can do anything but DO NOT TRY TO TOUCH THE BOOK! 
10 minutes after, Mr. Michael Gold had just vanished like a lighting with a swirl of his short, brown, over coat, behind a window and bobby was with herself. She has just recognized that she hasn’t been breathing. She had meant looking around the shop but there was some mysterious the book… She wanted  to look at what was hidden away from her the book had secret  pages. She looked around the windo and saw a 200 meter corridor  that had aleast 2 doors. She thought what does it lead to? 
Turning around, she did the world’s most worst choice She just opened the book. Every single page had different subjects. There were notes about what happens to this ship or city and cities  that looked like heaven a beach that had the coast of heaven there were pictures that  were very hard to imagine and had the best food. 
Bobby  had a 1880 pen from old times and she made pictures of sand and the ocean  and draw the best drawing in the whole world and the owl from before. 
“This direction, ” exclaimed the owl.  
Bobby shut the book and followed the owl. It went down the corridor until it was a mysterious suspicious door and stood on the floor and had weird paintings on the door. Bobby has just opened the door and entered very brave of her. 
She walked in, not in to your average room, but a beach into a room. Sunlight came and it was vivid outside and she listened to the wind. It was silent full silence. A path made bobby frightened it was towards a closet. She walked it looked the exact same in the book of marvels the thing what she draw was a closet she entered and runned down the path…..

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