Chapter 2- A Warning Disobeyed

Chapter 2- A Warning Disobeyed


Still unspecified, the man was dressed in the finest obsidian-black tuxedo and chinos with an indescribable color nobody has ever seen  in the eternity of all life.  “Who are you?” Jimmy questioned, gazing around the place again as if trying to show him that he only just came in. 

“My name is Mr. Antony Coleman,”  exclaimed the man, staring at him, surprisingly changing his mood into a proud and excited smile, waiting to amaze him with more than just a name…

“This is my wonderful emporium of my mystical imagination!”  he proudly stated . Still confused about why he wasn’t in trouble, Jimmy just nodded, slowly. 

Mr. Antony announced, “That leather book over there is the  phenomenal Book Of Imagination. You are free to look, sense, smell and touch everything around here, but whatever you do, don’t even think about touching the book.”


Out of thin air, Mr. Antony Coleman vanished, and Jimmy was left in awe, alone in the room with just him and that tempting book. Amazingly, he felt like the book was whispering to him to come and turn the pages, almost forcing him too. Jimmy realized that the man would never be able to find out about it if he put it away when he came… Right? It wouldn’t hurt just for a minute. He flipped a few pages and was presented with unbelievable places that he had never seen before, so he just could not believe what was in front of his eyes. After that, he decided to walk towards the gold entwined, velvet curtains and Jimmy peered through them. Through the curtains, a hundred different doors were waiting, impatiently, to be opened and his imaginative mind wondered what lay beyond…


Turning back, he saw an immaculate, golden pen that of which, he had held in her bare hands. Jimmy had never held this much power in his hands before. Without any second thoughts, for some reason, brandished it high as if it were a sword and then brought it back down as the pitch black ink brushed against the paper. Jimmy loved everything about enchanted forests and thought that just maybe, once in his whole life he would be able to visit one, and so he drew exactly that. 


Out of nowhere, a tawny owl appeared through the curtains and called him through to the many unknown doors. Extraordinarily, the owl looked as if it was painted and mixed with a fire orange and a dull yellow to create a beautiful fade with the color of a setting sun. To top it off, around its slim neck, was an intricately designed wooden necklace with an emerald of pure vivid green that shimmered in the light which came from, supposedly, Mr. Antony’s pure imagination. It tapped its beak on an acacia wood door and Jimmy knew precisely what that meant: This was the door to the place he drew into the pages of the leather book, An enchanted forest. With glee, he bolted towards that door and rushed to turn the knob. Nothing had seemed to happen at first, but then, out of nowhere, it started sucking him through a portal and into a tunnel to another dimension. Slowly but surely, he could see the end of the tunnel and at the end was… a tree… more trees… a forest! This wasn’t no ordinary forest, though, for this was an enchanted forest with azure crystals and giant-sized mushrooms and more to come. Suddenly, he came to a halt and he was lying on the lushest grass Jimmy had ever seen.  Cautiously, he stood up, regaining his balance,  and then rushed towards the glass-like river and dived into the unknown beyond.  Presented before him, was an underwater ravine bursting with life of any sort, such as apparently the best fruit such as ‘Cartonean grapefruit’ and when his teeth sank into it, he was mesmerized, because his taste buds exploded with pure delight.  At that moment in time, Jimmy felt as if this was just a really deceiving lucid dream, but as the water touched his skin he knew that they were drops of pure imagination, and in the Mystical Emporium, all imagination is transformed into real-life memories. 

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