Chapter two-the incan mask

Jack could not stop listening to the wonderful whispers that led him all over the place, until they stopped in front of a finely cut and carved mask, ancient and old…and it looked strangely spiritual too. All Jack wanted to do was to touch it and to hold it…

“Get away from that, if you value your life very much!” shouted a man in immaculate clothing, “it may be beautiful but it is I assure you very deadly.” Jack reared back from the mask as the owner strode forward and stood in front of the mask giving Jack a look like: look at anything but this. So Jack went away and looked at something else.

Jack knew that the shopkeeper would have to go eventually so he acted like he had already forgotten about the mask. He just needed the shopkeeper to go and then he could carry on with his investigation. “Stupid mandarin investors, always going on about this, that and the other,” said the shopkeeper, frustratingly striding away. Jack smiled to himself.

Jack walked toward the mask. It seemed to him that it was his birthday again. Jack reached out a hand slowly, then withdrew his hand and decided to look at something else. On an impulse Jack darted back and touched the mask-fleetingly. Something happens.

Jack backs away from the mask but is thrown back forward, then to the side, then all over the place. It seemed as if the floor was cracking and turning green- almost like grass- the cabinets seemed to grow upward and lose their colour until they were grey- almost like mountains- and the items there seemed to grow into giants and gained a reddish wood quality-almost like trees, redwood trees. Then Jack face planted on the floor and saw no more.

When Jack finally regained enough strength to stand up and fight of all the nausea he noticed that he was in a totally different place.  He was in a dip between some mountains covered with redwood trees and in a field covered with grass and flowers. Then Jack noticed a glimmer of gold out of the corner of his eye, he looked for it and found it…a great wooden temple covered with gold and…ancient incan symbols but…the inca had all died out by now unless the mask had…oh no it couldn’t have…but it had…the mask had sent Jack back in time.

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