Through the Door

End of chapter 1


When the owner goes somewhere he locks it with a very strong lock so people think it is  a normal shop that has been closed by a person that lives in a village .


Chapter two – warned not to touch the book


The noise of silent wind came rushing and it was night time and the mysterious book that was inside an unusual place took no sign and it was shining as if there was a real diamond being put in there and the book flicked page after page as it took into a page make you disappear and nobody goes in that room unless the owner of that book. But  nobody touches it if they do they get vanished somewhere you don’t go or live and one day. It was a sunny day where the sun rose and the special room was locked and the key was with the owner which knew about that and that room was in the middle of the forest where nobody can get to it.


There was a sudden noise and everything got quiet and the noise got toward the special door and when the owner heard he ran like a flash to get to the room and when he opened it with his special keys he found out that the book has been stolen he tried to look everywhere for it. But he didn’t find  it and he had a chance to find it in the forest then suddenly he had found the book. That he was finding the book of him and there was an important message in there so the owner didn’t show anyone his message that he had been hiding for two years in his secret room filled with lots of other books he had been hiding too.


A man with a hat came to the owners house that was hidden in the forest but the owner didn’t know who it was and the book had the owners name in it and he knew what to say when a person comes and visit him he says ‘Hi this is me and I live here  because I don’t like living in cities’ and the man went away. The owner was opening the book but then a banging sound came from the room and he heard so he ran until he got there. Then he opened the book for his name and his name was sharp and he finally found his name and he danced across the room and then he thought  I should tell about the book that I have been hiding from everyone.


The thing I have been hiding from and I had a promise that when I found my name from the book I will tell everyone about my life and I can’t break that promise and I will tell them and suddenly I saw someone coming through the forest and then it was someone strange and then it was a man and his name was Luciano and I did know that person because I met him two years ago and this is the first time meeting him and he was not the  same one when I saw him years ago.  I felt suspicious who it was and it was a robber that was just dressed as Luciano and he was trying to steal the book. That I found my name from and I knew what to do and I went to my room and got the idea what to do so I went up and got a paper out and drawn a circle that was filled with ideas what to do and the robber didn’t know that I knew he was a robber so he sat down and he looked around to see what gold thing was in then and then I realized that I had no gold thing in the house so I went to the robber.


Then I saw a bird that was calling me and I went to it when and he said to me that follow me and I didn’t know that a bird can talk then I realized that the bird was magical and I went with him and when he showed me a door that was the same door that I used to put my book in and there was a picture of a big business man and then I knew that I have forgotten about the robber that was in there in the house. Then  I was nearly going until the bird stopped me stands in front of me and says that don’t go but I did want to go  Then I suddenly heard a thumping sound and that was the person that was drawn in the door and the bird turned me into a bird to so that the man thinks that it is the helper for his bird and we ran out because they were next to the door that he lives in and we ran until we found a safe place to live in.


They went in the safe place and we stayed there for two days and we went back to the normal place I lived in. Then the day came where I went away from there and into my home where I lived and when I went there everything was normal and the book was where it should be and the special room keys was with me. There was nothing odd about it and then there was the forest that I used to be in the rain and the cold wind blowing the trees with made a whooshing sound and everything was the right way when I went with the bird and the same silent place I heard.




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