Unexpected Sightings of a Unicorn!- Aurelia

Exclusive report written by James Jumper, Unicornologist and Magical Creatures Carer, the prophet.

Last night, a report came in that Charlie Cater, a doctor (who specialises in ear nose and throat) had spotted a unicorn galloping across the shore of Crabsnap Beach.

Charlie, who lives in the west of Crabbers village, reported that he was full of energy, so he decided to go to the beach for a swim. He told us that he was about to go down the ramp to the sandy shores of Crabsnap Beach, but that was when he saw the magical being, “ It was galloping along the beach, its long mane flowing behind it. The majestic creature seemed to be looking for food as it kept turning its head and darting its jet red eyes along the shore. It was a fiery orange colour, with luminous yellow hooves, and bright red mane.” Journalists have hired scientists to study the footprints of the unicorn and search the sand for pieces of fur that may have fallen off to learn more about it, and why it has come to us.

Zoologist Ava Liner said that this creature may have come to Crabsnap Beach because it is lonely and it must sense some magic in Shell Forest, and it is looking for another mystical family. She added, “We must be wary around this creature, as when it sees a human, its hair sets on fire, certainly, that is what we believe from scientists who have studied its mane. This is also why we have named it the fire unicorn.

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