Visit Mr Happee’s Happy Day!

Have you ever been jealous watching tv stars living their best lives? If so, you can be like those tv stars at Mr Happee’s Happy Day. At this shop there is:

*Pets and animals.

*All the toys you could ever ask for.

*The parent’s favourites.


Safest shop

The shop is very safe. You have to wear a face mask at all times even when your eating, 2meters away from anybody and kids don’t need to wear a mask.

Where to go

If you want to go to this spectacular shop, type PW3 9HI in your sat-nav or go to You can also contact us by our email Happe

Why you should go

M. Sala said “This shop as more amazing than our 20-0 match.” The amazing Sadio Mané loved the shop too. When it’s your first visit, you get to meet Tom Holland the real spiderman. Most things in the shop are free except the car shop where every car is £20 a month.

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