Chapter 2: Mountain Trouble!

When Podkin woke up, he heard the noise of rustling. Paz and Podkin looked in horror, but then Echo’s crystal blue eye peered through. For some reason he only had one. “What happened?” They exclaimed. “Goblins. *cough*” He said. “Poked my eye out. Looks good though, right? *wheeze* He said. “Yeah…” Podkin said. “Don’t go to Mountain Abode. They’re there and they aren’t friendly. Don’t trust them.” Echo repeated. “Sure” they said not listening. Podkin was munching a blueberry cake bar and Paz was reading the map.


Okay then, off I go. Hope you are well!” He said as he hopped up on 2 paws and walked away, his leather coat flapping in the wind. “Hey, I think the best place to go is Mountain Abode! It looks really good and friendly!” Paz exclaimed.“I think you’re right Paz.” Said Podkin. They awoke Pook and started to trot off.


Midway, the three found a mysterious crow. It was laying on the cold, damp grass and seemed to have passed out. It slowly opened its eyes, to surprise, they were practically as red as fresh blood! “Kra*grind*caw!” It grumbled. “This is sad and disgusting, but it is a sign of the Sharpwood Hunters. We have to get to the mountains. Stated Podkin. As they ran, a beady black eye watched from the shadows. “Call in the hounds. Three kids in my eyesight, go only for them.” The figure repeated. 


When they arrived, every animal was out to greet them. Many friendly goblins lurked around, rummaging for food to give them as gifts. Podkin thought it was a small amount, so he went to the food carriage. “Great! Guys, they’ve got the strawberry and blueberry cake bars!” He exclaimed. They went on to ice cream shops with the lemon drizzle sundae. But as soon as they met the last person, their blue eyes turned red.


“You messed up lil rabbits *burp*.” A wolf and goblin stated. Podkin remembered, Paz and he did one lesson together. Self defence “Paz, remember one lesson? Self defence?” He questioned smugly. “I see where you’re going with this. CHARGE!” She yelled. They ran at a wheelbarrow, throwing cans of fizzy drink, then opening from the impact and blasting the goblins and wolves with eye-stinging pop. They used it as a boost. Podkin shook up 4 cans, 2 in each hand, and they launched forward, down the rocky road. They roared in laughter, when at the bottom of the evil mountain. “Turns out it wasn’t safe!” Said Podkin. “You were wrong!” He said again. “But you agreed!” Said Paz, giggling.

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