Come and explore the wonders of the Candy Land emporium

 Come and explore the wonders of ‘The candy land emporium’


Are you ever bored of life and want to do something engaging? Is your life full of urge to do something fun? If so why don’t you come to the candy land emporium and be amazed by the astonishing wonders and sights! This will be one of the most shocking moments of your life!!!


Magnificent tastes await!! We offer;


  • Any tastes you wonder
  • Amazing quality’s of the service
  • Mind-blowing rooms!!



For an hour of pure pleasure, “Don’t stop until you’re tired!!” Don’t be the odd one out, missing a trip of a lifetime!! Visit soon, and treat yourself how you wish. We provide amazing experience of:


  • Anything you’ve dreamt about
  • Chocolates of your imagination
  • As many wonders you can think of!


You definitely won’t regret our  pay 1 get one free offer!!


“A great time spent, its definitely worth it!” Commented Mrs Haulier .


1.Win prizes 9+


2.Kids under 8 go free!


3.Moneyback guarantee!


4.We’re open from Monday 6:00 to Sunday 8:00


5.Find us on the M65 on Carmon street, Leicester, GHP J9Q


Visit our website for more information or our team at or, we’re waiting!


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