Go chicken go

Foxes. Everywhere. 

Poor Mary was surrounded by hungry, growling foxes, she was shaking with fear. 

“How dare you pass out territory,” exclaimed the biggest fox angrily.  

“I-I-I didn’t know this part of the forest belonged to you,” Mary quivered. 

“Well, it does and when you tresspass you get consequences.” the biggest fox growled. 

In a blink of an eye, the biggest fox was on top of Mary and attacking her. All the other foxes leaped on top of her. Mary was screaming and wailing, she didn’t know what to do. A loud shuffle was heard from the bushes and all the foxes scurried off to it. Mary was free, she bolted back to Rick and Astley and told them they had to leave. The twins agreed so they started a journey to Dandelion Lagoon. 


When they arrived at Dandelion Lagoon, they were all worn out. Rick spotted some seeds near some plants, he ran over and started to peck. The others followed too, they hadn’t eaten for days and who can say no to free food. 


The cage door slammed shut. They were trapped. 

A Farmer bellowed, “We know chickens can’t swim. We are going to throw you in the water, with air of course, we can’t let you die. We still need those chicken wings.”  

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