The Spiderfly is one of the most  fascinating insects found in the UK. It was discovered by a determined entomologist, Dr Whistlebigger who lives in the North-West part of England. Dr Whistlebigger has been in entomology studies, for 13 years now, and has helped us to discover some of England’s most amazing creatures. The Spiderfly is his 45th discovery of the year, and he is aiming to get to 100 by December. 


Dr Whistlebigger, was mostly intrigued by the Spiderfly’s sunset orange, translucent wings, and its unique patterns on each of them. This interesting insect’s most memorising feature, is that in the sunlight it’s wings reflect rays of light, and shows the translucency of the wings. It has a fantastic variety of eye colours, and the rarest one, is most likely vermillion, however some extremely common ones are sapphire blue, and emerald green. The Spiderfly has no scales, and has a furry, long body and when touched, it feels like silk on your fingertips.

Diet and Habitat:

A Spiderfly usually feeds on insects smaller than itself, such as flies, spiders, worms, and ladybugs. However some have been sighted pushing itself, and attempting to find other prey, such as toads, fish, slugs and snails. In England, the Spiderfly’s founding area, this insect’s particular type of prey, is easy to find and can sometimes be a little bit more challenging to catch. The habitat of a Spiderfly, is usually somewhere with a decent amount of rain and run, easy ways to find prey, and somewhere where grass is regularly damp or dry.

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