The shadow emporium

Come to the Emporium


Have you been waiting for an opportunity to let loose and have fun? Is your life miserable and is boredom taking over your mind? If you answer this question with a bold yes, come and visit the Shadow Emporium. Being offered is a once in a millennium  opportunity, so I hope you take the chance. It is a thrilling experience with antiques as valuable as a diamond. Did you know that it is completely FREE! All it costs is part of your imagination…


Magical magic awaits. We offer:

  • Antiques as rare as a sapphire
  • Undetected creatures including a phoenix
  • Rooms the length of a skyscraper


For a day of pure happiness, stay till you drop. Don’t miss out today or you’ll regret it.  Treat yourself. You deserve it. We give you:

  • Anything you imagine 
  • Things never to be seen before
  • Unknown skills


“Unbelievable,” cried  Batman


  1. Guaranteed fun
  2. Intense imagination
  3. Amazing skills


Come to the shadow emporium. Call us at 088331 5438. This message will self destruct in,





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