Travel to our enchanted Department

Are you bored staying home? Is your life needed any magic?

Would you be interested in the wonders of the country? If you are interested then why not visit ‘The Vicious Department’ and be absolutely thrilling by the experience of a longtime… and fantastically, this is all FREE. Bring your imagination and be ready to experience your fantastic dreams. 


Magical Amazing Secret await! Yes, we offer: 


  • We have pieces from 1990’s from around the world


  • We have rooms of magic 
  • World-changing wonders


For a day you can come and stay ”jump to our shop till you tired Don’t miss out to come to our shop We will  provide experience of:


  • Have a wonder you want
  • Animals and celebrity’s you want to see
  • As many worlds you want to see that you dream to go to


You won’t reject our tailor made wonders straight from our ‘Book of End Game’.

”A great travel” said Mr. Barn of Dudley.


  1. Gifts for early animals 
  2. Adults and Children go free
  3. Longtime guarantee of amazement or your cash back 



  • We are open on weekdays from 8.00am- and close at 7.00pm.
  • Find us just off A56 on Dudley Lane , Winterton,GH2 8MB 


Visit our website for more details it is  or email our team on We are intrigued to read all the emails you sent us.


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