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Are you ever tired of all the high prices on so many places? Trying not to spend money on so many things you want? Well if so, look no further. Our shop is full of all sorts of items, clothes and really almost anything! You name it, we have it! So let me tell you all about our phenomenal store.


Magical Mysteries await! Yes, we offer:

  • Antiques from around the world 
  • Nicely packaged when delivered to you (If ordered online)
  • Many different items


You won’t regret buying from our shop! It’s like being in the famous “Book of Wonders”.


“An awesome, tremendous place!” Said Mr Peterson.


  1. Special offers everyday
  2. Kids 12 or under go free!
  3. If you do not like your purchase, just return and get your money back


  • We are open on weekdays for 24 hours
  • You can find us on the M45 Overson Street, Overlington, LE9 6HD

Visit our website for more information and details or email our office team on

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