Visit the Otherwhere Emporium!

Visit the Otherwhere Emporium!

Are you ever bored at the weekend? Do you sometimes have a day off and you don’t know what to do? Well if so, come to the Otherwhere Emporium, where all your dreams will come true. Be stunned~ as you roam the endless corridors. Amazingly, it is all free, all you have to do is bring your imagination.

The Otherwhere Emporium is a once in a life time place you can visit. We offer anything you want: treasures from all around the world; dreams that you have always wanted to come true; and rooms filled with your wonders. If you want to have the day off, then hop to our shop and shop till you drop.

Also we offer you a five star hotel with six bedrooms and a large tv. Also their will be a hot tub in hotel a silky golden curtains. Visit us now if you want to never go back to your house again. Treat yourself.

If you ask us a room you want to see, within seconds you’ll be sprinting down the hallway looking for your treasures. If you want to see Saber Tooth Tigers hunting for prey or what the future will be like, just come on down. You won’t regret your day out, but if you don’t like it, your refund will be waiting for you.

Be stunned by this incredible shop. The Otherwhere Emporium. All you have to do is bring your imagination. Here is what Pie Corbett said about this shop, “You won’t want to leave till your trolley is over flowing.”

And just to say, our staff will make sure you feel safe, welcomed and comfortable for the day.

Kids can run free as parents can look at everything here.
We are open every day from 5am-8pm. Find us at 12 main street in Berkeley, England.

Visit our website- Otherwhere Emporium@hotmail or ring 0765489 3790.

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