Ruby.M Chapter £ of the three J’s

                             Chapter 3

At Isla Sorna, out of the blue, the Gorm appeared in a puff of smoke. Jimmy screamed  “RUN to Gloop Mud Swamp!” But as they got to Gloop Mud Swamp they saw smoke and dragons. They called Gloop Mud Swamp Dragon City.


The three J’s made a colossal cage made from vibranium. So it is wade from the strongest thing in the world. They used a hare as the bait. Cautiously they caught a baby dragon and the mom. They made lots more. Excitedly they found a deep sea diver and they requested him to chain the cages to the bottom of the sea. They purposefully ventured out and they got to a cliff; Baby Joe ran to the tip of the cliff and screamed…!

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