I want to paint Maja

                 I Want to paint 


I want to paint-

A handsome, heroic horse jumping freely in the windy wind. A chestnut horse kicking its stable door in a flash. 

Mystic Mother Nature flying in the shivery midnight sky. Her blonde hair wayled fiercely in the forest fire.

The glamorous, gorgeous girl confantadly breakdanced in the sky that was raining pain, she breakdanced like a professional on a stage with snow.

I want to paint-

Ice slowly scattering around the grumbling ground secredly. Snow raining down in curious continuous happiness. The ocean roared its waves at the sandy shore angrily, the sunny sun reflecting off the whooshing water.

I want to paint-

A rose smiling while it flys to heaven happily. It sings and dances to the beat of the blistering blue sky.

And then it finally says goodbye





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