In the land of the witches cottage

In the land of the witches cottage…the dark brown cottage blends in the dark gloomy night, you walk in and see a pumpkin pie sitting there that you want to bite.

In the land of the witches cottage…spooky, Scary skeletons awaiting for the witch, outside her cottage nearly falling in a ditch. Zombies and spiders creeping up the brick walls, waiting for me to come out so they can fall.

In the land of the witches cottage…I thought I should take a visit up the stairs, I smell something weird so thought Id be scared, it was a mischievous mouse, nibbling out a block of cheese as hard a brick that I was tempted to kick.

In the land of the witches cottage…i cheerfully sang a Halloween song, it blocked out the noise of the witches song. The creaking staircase moaned as I doubtfully groaned, I touched a large juicy pumpkin, exited to start carving.

In the witches cottage…out into the front garden, I captured a spider that was attempting to hover, I grabbed the witches broom ready boom, the spider will be dead then a zombie can get fed.

In the witches cottage… the crow flew from tree to tree, as the trees danced in the whistling wind, the crow looking for food accidentally knocked over a bin.

In the witches cottage…I tasted the pumpkin pie hoping not to die from skeletons and zombies breaking in bringing their sly.

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