I met a….. – By Ella

I met a……

I met a girl called Owl.                                                                                                                                   

Her beady, yellow eyes could pierce through your soul.

Her neck swivelled round everyone she heard a whisper.

Her chipped talons sharper then a knife.

Her feathers were ruff and torn,

Her skin was almost bear of feathers.

I met a boy called Ocean.

His eyes were bluer then the sky on a sunny day.

His hair dyed a light blue, beautiful to see.

I met a girl called Hot Chocolate.

She was always snug like a hot water bottle on a cold winter night.

She always offered a warm smile warmer then the sun.

Her skin was dark like hot chocolate itself.

She never went any where without a steaming hot, hot chocolate with  whipped cream and marshmallows that reached to the moon.

Her eyes were a dark brown darker then a cave.

I met a Princess called Wealth.

Her rings made of pure gold shinier then the brightest diamond.

Her eyes bluer then the sea always glistening.

Her face was powered with lashes of makeup.

Her teeth were made from ambers.

I met a soldier called Fire.

Her eyes were a fiery red as if they had seen everything bad.

Her red hair stood up on end and glowed, if you wound her up.

She could shoot fire balls out her hands melting anything in its way.

Her breath was hooter then boiling metal, if she whispered in your ear your ear would turn a fiery orange.

Her voice echoed through the crowd, deafening everyone in her sight.

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