On the way home by Finlay

I met a boy called Ocean.

He had eyes like the midday

and a heart of water beneath a coral ribcage.

He met Neptune king of the sea which gave him water powers.


I met a girl called Abyss.

Her hands were dark like a cave

and finger nails like a never ending black hole.

She had dark teeth like her dark heart.


I met a man called storm.

He was grey like a thunder cloud

and he flashed yellow like lightning.

He has the heart of an evil ruler.


I met a woman called fire.

She had orange wavy hair

Her eyes were like balls of fire.

When she got mad her hair turned into a fire storm.


I met a princess called wealth.

She had golden teeth

and golden toes.

And golden lungs trying to escape her diamond heart.


I met a prince called sad.

His face was blue like the ocean

He had a heart of tears.

His bed was always wet with tears.

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