I have never ate a video player, but I have watched a video on it.


I have never used word, but I am right now.


I have never swam to the bottom of the blue abyss, but I have swam in a pool.


I have never ate a bag of olives, but I have ate battered squid.


I have never had TalkTalk WiFi, but I do talk a lot.


I have never took a fork to the swimming pool, but I have drank IRN BRU at the beach.


I have never used  a Morrisons more card, but the sound is stuck in my  brain for eternity.


I have never eaten a raw fish, but I have eaten olives which taste the same.


I have never eaten Mars, but I have eaten Mars chocolate.


I have never eaten moon cheese, but I have eaten a whole babybell at once.


I have never eaten  goat cheese, but I have eaten philladelphia cheese.

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