The net tree,
swayed with the breeze,
for it’s roots couldn’t grip the unforgiving earth.
The branches were like crusted crooked fingers,
digging deep into the untouchable air.
The trunk was like a mud brown elephant’s leg.
The net tree was growing older it could not live for long,
it would soon die.

The fake flower,
You couldn’t feel it,
it would not die,
you could not do anything about it,
it would always be fake and boring,
it was not a thing.

The dictionary tree,
All the letters from the alphabet was forced onto every branch,
the branches stood on top of the ruby red letter A,
it’s roots knuckled to the earth holding the tree upwards.

The 2D flower,
It was hard to hard to touch,
the stem was as green as the grass in a fresh field,
the petals were paper thin and were the broing colour of a blush pink,
2d wasn’t the best shape of flower so no one looked and admired it,
so the 2d flower parish with sadness.

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