A fake dream

A fake dream

What are lonely? An uneaten piece of pasta laying forgotten on a decorated plate or a giraffe licking lucky leaves by its self.


What are lonely? A fake dream drifting on the banks of the river Thames or a single leave sobbing alone.


What are loud? A massive hurricane storming on the outs of Africa or a bomb exploding on a rainy day.


What are thin? Leaves that have fallen from an unbreakable oak tree or a sad grey cloud about to rain.


What are thick? Logs piled up from a Willow tree or a twisty rubber getting rid of words.


What are prickly? A swampy green cactus in a safari desert or ripe green nettles chilling by pretty roses.


What are soft? Dry sand from Porth Beach at Newquay or a fluffy pillow getting squished by children having a pillow fight.


What are heavy? A sad kid walking alone  or 100 bricks stacked on top of each other.



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