A Strand of Hair on a Lion’s Back

What are shiny?

A smooth engagement ring glimmering in the sun, the excitement raining on me the night before my birthday and wet glossy eyes staring at you when you are ill.


What are dull?

An old, grubby, abandoned mine, a wet stone cave or a pair of old brown boots from the dump.


What are kind?

A friend sharing a glue stick/ rubber and your buddy checking if you are okay.


What are mean?

A bully kicking, pinching, hitting and biting you every day or a sister/brother telling you, you are stupid and annoying.


What are thin?

A strand of hair pricked of a lion’s back and the thinnest pencil led ever.


What are thick?

A shelf of paper from work or the bed that the princess from the princess and the pea slept in.


What are heavy?

A building with 23 storeys in it and a massive lie that you have been keeping for a year.


What are light? A tiny feather, letting your anger go or a posted note.

2 Responses to “A Strand of Hair on a Lion’s Back”

  1. What a fabulous title Bella, you hooked my interest immediately. I particularly like the images in your final verse too.

  2. thank you.

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