What Are Dull?

What Are Dull?


What are dull?

A love lost for eternity or a fear you feel you cannot share.

What are amazing?

Some one coming back to life and asking for help when you’re stuck.


What are red?

A baboon’s bum and a scorching sunset on the horizon.

What are colourless?

Crying trees when someone chips their bark or sadness when your late and missed out on treats.


What are hungry?

My cat at tea time or a homeless boy with only his dog.

What are full?

***** cat (my teddy) after a barbeque and me after some cake or my happiness when I’m given a hug.


What are fast?

An angry charging bull or my classmate Rachel at a race.

What are slow?

A giant blue whale rising up to the surface and a night mare fading away.


What are comfortable?

Sitting down after a long walk at a beach or pulling on my slippers.

What are uncomfortable?

Tight shoes making blisters and loneliness on a winter’s night.




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