Plant Heaven

Plant Heaven  by Oliver M and Chris J

The blueberries are like diamond ore glistening in the cave ,walking through life.

The apple tree’s trunk shines while the crystal raindrops  dance on the branches.

The Everlasting red ruby tree twigs were falling down like blood ashes to the ground, snapping into a fiery lava volcano.

The leaves were as red as the Grim Reaper’s eyes staring into his victims and growing in the land of the devil’s playground.

The roots of the pear tree are like elephant trunks pulling on a hundred pound weight.

The brown , swampy , mossy tree bark is as dark as  space abyss, and as hard as bedrock in the earth’s crust with the roots of the tree pulling it under the world’s centre,  to hell’s gates.

The tree buds like Tanzanian opal glittering in the caves of the blood rock palace while flying to the majestic , lush grass.


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